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Lieutenant, Junior Grade Bud Roberts, USN

LTJG Bud Roberts is the legal assistant to Lieutenant Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr. and Major Sarah MacKenzie; Bud first met Harm and became interested in the JAG corps as the Public Affairs officer aboard the USS Seahawk in mid 1995.  He, soon after, requested a transfer to JAG and was recommended to serve under Rabb by the commander's former partner LTJG Meg Austin; Bud is currently studying law at George Mason at night and just completed his second year.
Bud has a positive, and sometimes naive, outlook on life.  This characteristic coupled with his intrepid nature and devotion to duty make him and integral part in this JAG team.  Bud is an expert in communications and his technical wizardry and knowledge of codes and computers handily helps many JAG investigations.
Bud has also been involved with Ensign Harriet Sims since their first meeting aboard the Seahawk, and the two married in May 1998.
Roberts' father, retired Master Chief Petty Officer "Big" Bud Roberts, USN, is an abusive man, who abused Bud and his brother, Mikey.  Mikey is a young impressionable man with a desire to be a cartoonist, and a father who wants him to "Go Navy."
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