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Biography for

Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell was born in London, England on the fourteenth of August; when she was three her parents moved the family to Los Angeles.  Catherine originally wanted to be an artist, but her mother wanted her to go to the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) to study medicine.  While at UCLA Bell had done some modeling, she got into an acting class by "accident" once she was in she found that she "really, really loved it.  It was a way to overcome my shyness, to express my feelings and emotions.  And within six months to a year, I was hooked."  Catherine says that when she did make the decision to become an actress that her mother and the rest of her family were very supportive of her and her decision; she also claims that she was not "discovered" and that it took nine years to "get that big break."  Bell advises those with desire to act to take "acting classes.  Watch as many moves as you can, and if you have the chance at all, do theater.  It's a great training ground.  I didn't do a lot of it, but I know David had theater as his background and highly recommends it."
 Crash Dive: The Chase Is On (1997) (TV Movie) ..... Lisa Stark
JAG (1995) (TV Series) ..... Major Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie
Crash Dive (1996) ..... Lisa Stark
Hot Line (1996) (TV Series) ..... The Brunch Club (episode)
Alien Nation: Body and Soul (1995) (TV Movie) ..... Cop
JAG (1995) (TV Series) ..... Lieutenant Dianne Schonke, Skeleton Crew (episode #1.22)
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (1995) (TV Series) ..... Cynea, The Lady and the Dragon (episode)
Men of War (1994) ..... Grace
Friends (1994/I) (TV Series) ..... Dianne (episode)
Mother of the Bride (1993) (TV Movie) ..... Chastity
Death Becomes Her (1992) ..... Lisle Body Double
Dream On (1990) ..... Dianne, Those Who Can't Edit (episode)
Dream On (1990) ..... Kay, Those Who Can't Edit (episode)
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