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Ensign Harriet Sims, USN

Ensign Harriet Sims came to JAG Headquarters in April of 1997 to temporarily aide Lieutenat Commander Harmon Rabb, Jr. with a prosecution case of a Cheif Petty Officer staioned in Norfolk.  Harriet has served as the Public Affairs officer of the USS Seahawk, and in January of 1997, she was transferrred to the Inspector General's office in Norfolk, Virginia; which is the office that allowed her a temporary duty assignment to JAG.
Harriet is patient, hard-working, and sweet, though, a touch naive.  When she served on the Seahawk, she met Lieutenant (j.g.) Bud Roberts and the two felt and immediate attraction.  Once she had been transferred to Norfolk, their romance was able to continue their blossoming romance.
In becoming accustomed to her new surroudings, Sims turned to Roberts for support as the two dated, but their military-based romance will not always be sailing on smooth seas.  The couple was married in May 1998, and despite usual customs, they are still in the same command.
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